Thursday, 19 September 2013

Visiting Kinsale Co. Cork using the Kinsale App

For those of you who do venture down to Cork, Kinsale is a must see town. Located about 20 mins from Cork itself, this town is full of fish, fun and ghosts!

The town has some of the best fish in the country and one of our favourite spots to eat was the Fishy Fishy cafe. It makes such a difference when you eat fresh fish caught that morning. If you are planning to go it is recommended to book in advance as it is a popular restaurant.

We also went on a ghost tour of the town which was €10 per head. This was a guided tour in the evening which explained the history of Kinsale, none of which I can remember for this post, sorry!

There were two lads running the tour, one of which would dissapear from time to time. When he reappeared it was in an attempt to frightened us, and one of the times he jumped out of a bin! Its highly recommended to do this on one of the evenings.

Now you have a companion when visiting Kinsale, the Kinsale APP for Android or iPhone. This handy little companion will assist you in finding everything you need for your journey.

It has different topics like accommodation, places to eat and also things to do. In addition, you will get a list of events that are up and coming for the week you are there.

Looking back, this little app would have been very useful for our journey to Kinsale. I am prepared for my next as this app is installed and ready to go on my phone.

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  1. Great post! Many thanks for sharing your experience with The Kinsale App